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Mrs. Kishori Amonkar 27-02-1999
“It was great performing in the new reconstructed Shanmukhananda Hall. It has improved much from the old one, but still I’ve a few suggestions to improve which I’ll write to the authorities later”

Pandit Jasraj 26-03-1999
“My first concert here after the renovation. Beautiful auditorium, excellent acoustics, great atmosphere - what more could I ask for a memorable concert here for me to be remembered for a long long time”

Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra 26-03-1999
“It is a great privilege & honour to perform here at Shanmukhananda Auditorium. Seeing the surroundings here, an artiste feeling comes from inside which makes a performer to bring out his best for the art lovers & the audience.”

Pandit Birju Maharaj 26-03-1999
"It was a great pleasure to come back to it again after a long time and see its new look. Keep coming here with wishes and good wishes."

Ustad Vilayat Khan 31-03-1999
“It is indeed my pleasure and privilege to play in the beautiful, unique and extremely musical hall - which reconstructed - renovated is almost like a palace for musicians. I am so pleased to be able to play today before such an appreciative audience.”

Sant Morari Bapu 04-05-1999
"My joy and prayer to the Lord"

Shri. L. K. Advani 18-07-1999
“I have come to this Auditorium after 10 years, for the first time after it has been reconstructed. Even earlier, it was a fine hall. Now it is even better. Hearty greetings and compliments to the Trust.”

Shri. Pandurang Sastri Athavale 03-08-1999
“After years, I came to this newly constructed hall. Very happy to see this. With the best wishes that many nationally useful and cultural activities take place through this hall and may God's blessings be with you continuously"

Shri. K. J. Yesudas

“ Hundreds of concerts I performed in the old gold Shanmukhananda. When it burnt, the heart of music lovers also burnt. But God has given the strength to build the golden Shanmukhananda again. Golden Jubilee also will be celebrated. God bless everybody. ”

Shri. Bhimsen Joshi 19-12-1999
“I have been associated with Shanmukananda hall for many years and have performed here many times. Hence it is extremely satisfying to see this hall wear a new look and I pray to God to bless this hall with many musical blessings.”

Anup Jalota 08-02-2000
“I sang this evening here after 10 years. I missed this hall and enjoyed again singing here.

Dr. P. C. Alexander 26-02-2000
“This is the fifth occasion for me to visit the Shanmukhananda hall to participate in a function here. In fact, I have the privilege of presiding over the very first public function held in this hall after the Grahapravesham on 1st Nov. 1998. Every visit to Shanmukhananda has been a sense of satisfaction & joy for me. I am very happy to note that this prestigious institution has emerged as a vibrant centre of social & cultural activities in this great cosmopolitan city of Mumbai.”

Pandit Shivkumar Sharma 13-02-2000
“It is great. This great hall is back in action. One of the best halls to play music. I have few suggestions to make, there is a direct draft of A.C. on the stage which could cause tuning problems to the instruments. And I wish instead of having a A.C. unit in the green room, there could be a direct arrangement from the hall.”

Shri. S. Balachander 05-09-1965
“ The audience felt thrilled with my recital by the grace of God & I felt thrilled myself. Thanks to this lovely “HALL”. Due to its “PERFECTNESS”, all the above was possible.”

Shri U. Srinivas 09-12-2000
“Excellent, No words”

Shri. Amitabh Bachhan 07-11-2000
“Nostalgic & emotional just these two words sum up my visit to the renovated Shanmukhananda Hall. Some of my greatest moments in my career took place inside this great arena. Here’s wishing we can all be back here to capture the glory once again, of this marvellous setting. All my good wishes.”

Shri. Cho Ramaswamy (Vivek Fine Arts Club) 09-10-1965
“Each and every member of our club feels proud for having played in this theatre. It was a really wonderful theatre. Mr. Suvarna, the Manager, is one of the nicest persons I have met. - Mark you, I am not saying this just because I know he will read this. I feel that way. Any one would. The acoustic properties of this theatre is marvellous. It was a very pleasant experience and I look forward to visiting this place again, to play before such an appreciative audience.”

Shri. K. Kamaraj 17-05-1964
"Thanks to all of you for your hard work"

Shri. Kishore Kumar 08-02-1971
“I have performed my shows all most all over India as well as abroad. But my shows in Shanmukhananda Hall, I feel - give my best. So far I have performed more than 25 shows at the above mentioned hall and I am really thankful to the management, particulary to Shri. Suvarna the Manager of the hall who has been always helpful and co-operative with me and my fellow artists. I wish the best for this unique hall of which Bombay should be proud of.”

Ustad Vilayat Ali Khan 15-12-1973
“Music cannot be subjective only when one is playing for music lovers. It achieves an objectivity of its own. And a hall like the Shanmukhananda is verily a joy to play in - to play for myself and to play for others.”

Shri. Yehudi Mehudi 25-01-1969
“With happy memories of my concert.”

Shri. Shatrughan Sinha

“What else?? I feel honoured, delighted, flattened and thrilled whenever I am here. I wish the management council all the best and All that! Once again, What else???”

Shri. Shashi Kapoor

“If music be the food of love, play on....”

Smt. Indira Gandhi 06-07-1973

B. Higgins 17-02-1971
“Although I had previously been disappointed by unavoidable circumstances (in 1966) from realising my hopes to perform at Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha, I am extremely happy that on this occasion all my postponed hopes were realised. These are my first concerts for Bombay audience and I do not have the words to express my pleasure and appreciation - not only for an enthusiastic and inspiring audience but also for the unlimited generosity and hospitality provided by the Sabha organisers. Thank you again for the honour of performing for such discerning listeners and in a super hall - the best in which I have performed (east or west)”

Shri. M. G. Ramachandran 11-11-1973
"I witnessed the initial attempt of this building a few years ago. Today, I tell you that the comrades and laborers worked hard to build this building among the scattered stones and ruins, as the people lived during the war. Tamil people, wherever they are, do not forget art, culture and tradition with their lives. They excel in living and showing what they are. Shanmukananda literature, music organization I appreciate the Tamil people who are charitable to all with a common purpose."

Holck Larsen 20-01-1974
“A wonderful experience to be once more at Sri Shanmukhananda hall - a fine place - an excellent performance. Thank you for a lovely evening!.”

Shri. Dilip Kumar 27-01-1974
“A pleasure, a treat and above all a great community centre - that’s what Shanmukhananda hall has always meant to me - More could be said, but there is still more to feel. Thanks.”

Shri. B. T. Ranadive, Jyoti Basu, P. Ramamurthy - CITU 25-05-1975
“The III conference of the CITU was held from the 21st to 25th in the Shanmukhananda Hall. This is probably the largest hall in India, which can accommodate a large number of delegates. The airconditioning, the acoustics etc. were perfect. I am happy to record that the staff, from the Manager to the last man, co-operated with us. In fact, they were working as part of our volunteers. I am also thankful to the Board Trust, and its Chairman, Shri. T. V. Ramanujam, Medical Unit and all others for the unstinted co-operation they lent.”

Shri. M. Karunanidhi 1974
"What is new to say about Shanmukananda Sabha? My greetings to this illustrious assembly"

Swami Chinmayananda 02-09-1981
“The reception itself would not have been so grand, without such a splendid hall.”

Swami Dayananda 02-01-1985
“I enjoyed talking in this great hall. The Management was very kind and helpful. May it continue to serve the public more and more in the years to come.”

Dr. Raja Ramanna 15.09.2002
“The Shanmukhananda has done great service to art over a period of years. Their new programme connecting music with the activity of the brain is an exciting study. My good wishes to all.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 15.02.2003
“Great gathering. Greetings.”

Magician P. C. Sorcar Jr

“Shanmukhananda Hall is temple of art and science both. Laxmi and Saraswati, both are here, melted on the stage. I’ll love to come back here and perform (My Puja = Shows) with my new shows.”

Shri. S. B. Chavan, Former Minister of Maharashtra 18.11.2000
“I am extremely happy that Shri. V. Subramaniam kindly showed my round the renovated building of the Shanmukhananda Hall. The building is very well designed. My compliments for the dedicated service put on by the workers.”

Dr. K. Kasturi Rangan, Chairman, ISRO 28.12.2001
“A visit to Shanmukhananda is a terrific and memorable experience. There is an all pervading ambience which represents everything best in our culture and heritage.”

Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra 06.04.2002
“I am very happy to visit Shanmukhananda and its various acitivities. It has created a great opportunity in the field of fine arts, music, dance and various activities. My best wishes.”

Shri. S. Ramakrishnan, Secretary General, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 30.12.2001
“Shanmukhananda is a unique institution. To come here is a piligrimage.”

Shri. S. M. Krishna, Governor of Maharashtra 30.01.2005
“I was very happy to visit the Sri. Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Shanmukhananda Hall on 30th January 2005. A visit to the art, music and cultural traditions of India will remain intact for many years. The Sri. Shanmukhananda Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha deserves our compliments for playing a unique role in the national integration of India through its various activities aimed at preserving and popularizing India’s diverse yet unifying culture. The programme on the Aradhana of Saint Thyagaraja presented today was a memorable one. I congratulate the Sabha and all its office bearers for their good work and convey to them my best wishes in their endeavours.”

Shri. Manohar Joshi, Speaker of Lok Sabha 25.06.2002
“I have visited the Shanmukhananda Hall several times. They honoured me today on becoming the speaker. My sincere thanks.”

Shri. Zubin Mehta 1967
“You have a good hall - I wish you lots of good music in it!”

Max Collie, Scottish Hypnotist 14.7.1968
“Having played in this theatre, six times, I must say that it has been a pleasure on my part to find such a co-operative management and staff which made me feel completely at home, their co-operation helped to make all my performances a success. It is to them that I owe much of my success. They have done all they could for me. It has indeed been a pleasure on my part to appear here. I hope the pleasure of coming here again will take place soon. I leave many prints here and parting is but sweet sorrow. So let us hope we shall meet again.”

Dr. W. Sahelchaltenberg, Austrian Ambassador 09-01-1975
“This morning, the time we spent at your wonderful institute, will remain one of our great memories of our first visit to Bombay. I wish you luck and success for your future activities. I am happy to see, that in India, as in, Austria, the fine arts are considered to be among the most important things in human life.”

Valdi Ballet Troupe French Ballet 05-08-1973
“Good to be in Bombay for the second music and to perform in this theatre. Hoping you enjoy the show as well as we enjoy Indian Hospitality and Indian life.”

Bluemental Michael, Israel 31.08.2003
Wonderful place to present Science at its best. Thanks

W. Egermound, Dr. Joel Burhil, Switzerland 03-02-74
“We wish to express our sincere thanks to the Management of the Shanmukhananda Hall as well as the committee of the Textile Asc (India)for their excellent work to make the DTC 1974 a success.”

Ronald Smith, Senior Advisor & Member of
ISME Board of Directors England

“I wish to express my great gratitude for the opportunity to visit this unique enterprise. Amongst all the difficulties of the world, music and the arts offer us a haven. Long may your work and success continue.”

James Becker US Consul 12-8-1983
“May the spirit of love and motherhood that made such an institution possible be a launch of future goodwill between our two countries.”

Revathy Sankar 17-9-2012
“Went around the centre... Even though my heart sank, seeing the patients, the work.... good work and the care by the staff made me say “Thank God”. Absolutely calm and sterile atmosphere made me feel that this is THE PLACE for the poor. May god bless you all! May your tribe increase.”

Raymond Vickeri Former US Asst. Secretary of 17-01-2014 Commerce and friend of India
“It is inspiring to see such a work of the body and soul allied to a cultural center. This is a work of greatest importance to your community and to mankind. All are grateful for your work”


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