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A Cultural Journal


April - June 2017
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From the lilting melodies of a vocal concert and the sweet strains of a veena recital to the graceful movements of a Bharatanatyam dancer, from the joyful gathering of parents of a local school to a large and important political convention, from the august performance of an internationally acclaimed orchestra to the annual meeting of a business house, Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium has been a silent witness to all, over the years.

Today, the auditorium is more than an edifice; it is part of living history, a monument to cultural synthesis, one singular object that in its multi-faceted dimensions and secular nature, epitomizes the city it stands proud in and in a larger sense, the nation.
The Shanmukhananda Sabha is a living tradition.
A Tradition of Excellence.

Shanmukhananda's Journey
through 6 decades
Documentary Film - click here for video
Photo Exhibition
on the First Floor Foyer
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