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SHANMUKHA - Quarterly Journal

April - June 2014
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We are pleased to inform you that
Sri Shanmukhananda Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya
has been re-located to Shanmukhananda Sabha Complex
with effect from 15th June 2013.

From the lilting melodies of a vocal concert and the sweet strains of a veena recital to the graceful movements of
a Bharatanatyam dancer, from the joyful gathering of parents of a local school to a large and important political convention,
from the august performance of an internationally acclaimed orchestra to the annual meeting of a business house,
Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium has been a silent witness to all, over the years.

Today, the auditorium is more than an edifice; it is part of living history, a monument to cultural synthesis, one singular object that in its multi-faceted dimensions and secular nature, epitomizes the city it stands proud in and in a larger sense,
the nation. The Shanmukhananda Sabha is a living tradition.
A Tradition of Excellence.

60 years of Service in the cause of Fine Arts
As the Sabha celebrates its Diamond Jubilee, it is also the commencent of the Golden Jubilee year of the Sabha’s Auditorium, 2012.

It is a celebration of life which draws its origin from music that we are celebrating, as we reach this milestone. There can be no better start to our functions than to honour outstanding Indians who by dint of devotion to duty and exceptional commitment to the field of their pursuit have added to the reservoir of goodness of our ancient land. Their life is one of ‘Celebration’. We celebrate their lives and times and draw inspiration from their work.

Shanmukhananda's Journey
through 60 years
Documentary Film - click here for video
Photo Exhibition
on the First Floor Foyer
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Kanchi Mahaswami Festival
Kanchi Mahaswami Festival


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