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The long-felt need for setting up a Chamber Music Hall fructified with this state-of-the-art facility. Located on the second floor front foyer of the Auditorium Complex, it was named Sri Shanmukhananda Padma Ranga Music Hall, after the mother of the donor. The Music Hall was inaugurated on 5th April, 2009.

It has the following features:

Seating capacity - 125 independent and comfortably padded chairs
    with arm-rests

Conditioned air for the hall is from an AC, set up independent of the
    auditorium plant room and air distribution system.

Though performances can be held without use of any sound
    amplification, a sound system has been integrated in a
    non-conspicuous manner, to meet the requirement when need

The door panels, walls, ceiling and stage panels are all acoustically
    designed, with proven materials.

Lighting of the Hall is designed to be soft and non-intrusive.

Fire detection and fire fighting system are provided.

Side doors are 8' wide and are much wider than the
   emergency auditorium doors, which are only 5' wide.

A small tea pantry has been provided on the same floor in the Lobby.













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