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Shanmukhananda Charitable Community Healthcare Centre
Plot "H", Bhau Daji Road Extension
Next to North Indian Association, Sion West,
Mumbai - 400 022

Phone No : 24014071

Sri. Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha has over the past Seven decades played a unique role in the national integration and cultural synthesis of our country. Fine Arts kindles the esoteric perceptions of the connoisseur. It has the infinite capacity to take one's mind from the realm of mundane life into the regions of ethereal charm. It is this bridge that the Sabha has effectively deployed to bring forth a fusion of diverse interest, cultures and religions

From the haunting melody of a vocal performance, to the sweet string of a veena recital, to the graceful movements of a dancer, from the joyful gathering of parents of a local school to a large gathering and important political convention, from the august performance of an internationally acclaimed orchestra, to annual general meetings of large corporate houses, the Auditorium is a silent witness to all over the years. Today, the Auditorium is more than an edifice, it is a part of a living history, a monument to cultural synthesis, one singular object that in its multifaceted dimension and secular nature, epitomizes the city it stands proud in and in a larger sense, the nation.

The Shanmukhananda Sabha; it’s a living tradition

Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Auditorium which is the largest Auditorium to the east of Suez effectively merges culture and commerce and has been the venue for several national and international events. In merging tradition and talent the SANGEETHA VIDYALAYA does pioneering work in keeping alive music tradition in the city.

The Shanmukhananda is a public charitable trust registered under the Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950. It is registered u/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and enjoys perpetual exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Foray into Medical Services
The founders of the Sabha had a vision that did not limit culture to just entertainment value. The word culture is derived from the Latin word Calore which means to cultivate and adore. Thus culture is primarily cultivation of mind through love of ideals. The goal of culture is an integral vision of life, self-knowledge and strength of character. Culture is a better expression of our spirit in our existence through the vitality of a creative conscience, for without conscience there is no culture. A healthy mind in an healthy body. Only a mind which is calm and serene can appreciate music. The founders therefore saw a perfect co-relation between music and a healthy body. They gave expression to this unique philosophy by creating the Sri. Shanmukhananda Charitable Community Healthcare Centre in the year 1974. On 24th January 1974, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria, Minister for Health and Urban Development, Government of Maharashtra inaugurated the centre. The Sabha also enshrined in its Memorandum of Association the following additional objects :

"To provide medical relief to any person irrespective of caste or creed and to establish Medical Centres / Hospitals for providing medical services and also to undertake and promote education and research in medical sciences and allied activities"

“To provide services in the fields of community health services, yoga and nutrition"

Over the years the Healthcare Centre has expanded its operations into consultancy and treatment in the areas of :

Eye care

  • Eye-care Department - with Major & minor OT for cataract surgeries, retina procedures & injections, Oculoplasty surgeries, glaucoma related surgeries & laser procedures.
  • 44 Bedded Dialysis Department - with spacious centrally air-conditioned 2 dedicated floors equipped with 22 dialysis machines each, automatic dialyzer reprocessor & online RO system.
  • LASIK facility equipped with latest WaveLight EX500 system with CONTOURA@ Vision for patient specific treatment planning & precision.
  • OPD Consultation  - ENT / Homeopathy / Diabetology / Nutrition / Physiotherapy / Gynaecology / Medicine 

    Corporate Partnership
    The Community Healthcare services provided by the Sabha got accelerated momentum with the support provided by corporates under their CSR programme.

  1. The Sabha’s centre for general medicine was named after R. K. Jasubhai Shah for the generous contribution provided to set-up the centre.
  2. The Eye-care centre was named as Kansai Nerolac Centre. Goodlass Nerolac, a leading paint company consistently supports the healthcare initiatives of the Sabha.
  3. Aditya Jyot Eye Research Centre donated several valuable optometric machines. They are housed in a section of the medical centre called “AJERI corner”.
  4. The Dialysis Centre is also named after Kansai Nerolac.
  5. The Essar Group of Companies set up the Essar Endowment with a corpus donation of Rs. 1.0 crore. The interest earned on this fund is utilized to provide free / subsidized treatment to the poor and deserving.
  6. The State Bank of India donated Rs. 1.34 crores for the Retina Care Centre now named as “SBI Retina Care Centre”.
  7. The Retinal Surgery Centre is named as “New India Assurance Retinal Surgery Centre”. The company contributed Rs. 45 lakhs for the project. The company also gave a CSR grant of Rs. 48,21,429/- for Alcon Centurion Phaco emulsification instrument.
  8. HDB Financial Services Ltd. provided capital grants as well revenue support for subsidy to patients both in Eye-Care and Dialysis.
  9. S. I. Investments and Broking Pvt. Ltd. sponsors cataract surgery one per day and also provides general support to the activities of the Medical centre.
  10. Nihchal Israni Foundation has extended financial support for purchase of Dialysis machines year after year

Shanmukhananda Kansai Nerolac Eye-Care Centre

The Centre is equipped with :

  • A state-of-the-art Operation Theatre - for cataract & retina surgeries.
  • Yag Laser.
  • Perimetry instrument.
  • Phaco emulsification system.
  • Surgical microscope
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system
  • Green Laser
  • Fundus photo Camera
  • Pentacam
  • Lasik system

The patients of the Eye Care department are under the care of three eminent Eye  Surgeons , who are supported by well trained staff.

A glance at the number of Out Patients and surgeries will stand testimony to the yeomen services rendered by the Centre.

YEAR No. of OPDs No. of Surgeries
2008 – 09 11,251 361
2009 – 10 17,235 441
2010 – 11 17,782 453
2011 – 12 21,740 600
2012 – 13 24,369 651
2013 – 14 22,634 477*
2014 – 15 23,750 570
2015 – 16 25,475 603
2016 – 17 22,221 556
2017 – 18 23,743 567
2018 – 19 647
2019 – 20 25,160 674
22020 - 21 7553 297
2021 - 22 9407 590
*Shut down for renovation between 7.9. – 24.11.2013.surgeries.

The Eye Care has been continuously looking to modernise the equipments used in the department to give best care to the patients. In February 2013, the department added a new instrument PLUSOPTIX for children’s eye care for the first time in India.

SBI Retina Care Centre

As part of the expansion plans for Eye-care facilities and to provide a package of all inclusive serice for Ophthalmic ailments, the Sabha set up the Retina Centre in the year 2014-15. The Centre has :

  1. Corneal Topography System.
  2. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT);
  3. Funds Photography combined with Intravenous Fluorescent Angiography;
  4. Ophthalmic  Laser;

The Centre was functional from 1st October 2014. The Sabha then decided to setup a surgical department as an extension facility. The Centre is self-sufficient in terms of fully equipped Operation Theatre, associated retina testing facilities, experienced surgeons and well trained auxiliary personnel. The vitrectomy equipment and resight attachments to suit the Zeiss OPMI Lumera Surgical Microscope, have been added to create the New India Assurance Retinal Surgery Centre.

The number of procedures performed in the centre are as below:

Year No. of OPDs No. of Surgeries
2015 – 16 1822 699
2016 – 17 2420 24
2017 – 18 2254 35
2018 – 19 2521 28
2019 – 20 1860 588
22020 - 21 800 21
2021 - 22 1129 44

The SI Investments & Broking Private Limited provides annual grant for one cataract surgery free per day.

Inauguration by Mr. G. Srinivasan, CMD, New India Assurance Co. Ltd. on 22nd January 2016

The Kansai Nerolac Dialysis Centre
In the year 2021, the Sabha has set up state-of-the-art Dialysis centre at the new location on Bhau-daji road, Sion-West. Newly setup dialysis centre spread over two centrally air-conditioned floors is equipped with brand new 44 dialysis machines. The dialysis facility is equipped with 2500 LPM imported online RO water facility and 24/7 UPS backup for uninterrupted patient treatment. The facility is managed by well qualified & experienced medical & paramedical staff.

The Centre provides dialysis procedures to poor and needy patients mostly free of charge or in some cases at a very highly subsidized rate depending on the financial status of the patients. The distribution of the patients for dialysis based on their economic status is as below :

No. Income Range
(Per annum)
% Average Charged per dialysis (Rs.)
1. Below Rs. 1,60,000/- 10% NIL
2. Below Rs. 1,60,000/- 13% 50/-
3. Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000/- 42% 350/-
4. Rs. 1,60,000/- to Rs. 3,20,000/- 65% 100/-
5. Rs. 3,20,000/- and above 03% 800/- to 1500/-

Average charge per dialysis: Rs. 130

As the patients were facing problem of malnutrition, the Sabha decided to provide free of cost breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to all the patient undergoing dialysis in all the three shifts.

The Roop Manek Bhanshali Trust, the Kansai Nerolac Trust, the Tata Education and Development Trust of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust provide annual grants for free / subsidized dialysis for the poor patients. M/s. N. H. Israni Foundation donations and a portion of Essar Endowment is also utilized for Dialysis. HDB Financials Services Ltd. have also been supporting the efforts of the dialysis centre with substantial CSR Funds in addition to supporting the Eye-Care centre.

Dialysis Center

OPD & Consultancy Services

The OPD and Consultancy Services are provided in various disciplines. Eminent doctors from all the fields render services at a very low fees or on honorary basis. An analysis of the last ten years give a glimpse of the services provided by the Centre. There has been a constant endeavour to improve the services.

Discipline 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Pathology 10588 14415 16570 20202 18774 18108 19604 20347 15499 13084 11271
Homeopathy 1873 1777 1915 2276 2335 2,771 2,726 2,205 2,279 2269 2072
Consultancy 988 1162 1468 1570 1518 1554 1876 1498 1554 1715 1368
Physiotheraphy 2214 2114 2239 2294 2299 2051 3018 2787 3572 2466 2417
ECG - 264 536 568 517 439 540 575 584 593 507
Sonography 273 207 247 205 - - - - - -  
General Medicine 386 204 49 69 59 - - - - -  
Diabetes & Diet 303 326 613 536 795 896 871 940 736 894  

OPD Waiting Area

Sri. Shanmukhananda Vyayamkendra
The Sabha has a well maintained fitness centre with experienced gymnasium trainers. The Centre is open for all the members and people in the neighbourhood at highly subsidized charges. The Sabha incurs an operating loss of Rs. 5 lakhs every year to maintain the centre.

The Centre also brings out various publications which are distributed free to the members of the Vyayamkendra. Health Guide which gives the benchmark and standard ranges for the various parameters which throw light on the fitness and Grandma’s Remedies in English and Tamil have been brought out till now.


Two Decades of Service

In the period between 2002-2020, the Medical Centre registered a noteworthy performance as under (Number of Patients) :
1. Eye Care OPD 3,19,231
2. Surgery 8,492
3. Dialysis 1,06,178
4. Pathology 2,96,039
5. Homeopathy 38,981
6. Physiotherapy 48,539

Way Forward

Ruby Jubilee Celebrations - 22.3.2015

The Medical Centre celebrated its 40th year (Ruby Jubilee) in 2015. Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India presided over the function. In the 40th year, the Sabha renewed its pledge for affordable healthcare to all and proposed to expand its community healthcare programmes into two full-fledged hospitals dedicated exclusively to eye-care and dialysis respectively. In the first phase, the Sabha proposes to upgrade the Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya building into a Dialysis and Eye-Care Centre. This centre when completed will be named Sri. Shanmukhananda Hospital for Renal and Eye-Care. The project is estimated to cost about Rs. 20 crores. The hospitals would exclusively serve the poor and weaker sections of the society and the affordable patients would be limited to about 30% of the total patient intake capacity.

CSR Eligibility and Tax Benefits for Contributions to our Medical Centre

Businesses are managed to bring about an overall positive impact on the communities, cultures, societies and environment in which they operate. CSR has now been mandated by the Companies’ Act, 2013. Indian culture, tradition which encompasses Music, Dance, Theatre and Healthcare are specified in Section 135, Schedule VII of the Companies’ Act, 2013 as well as the provisions of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules 2014 that came into force from 1.4.2014. Every contribution made to the Sabha’s Medical Centre is eligible to be included in the total social expenditure within the limit of 2% of the average profits earned by the corporate. The Sabha also enjoys tax exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This certification is valid in perpetuity.


Contact Numbers

Eye Care – 2409 2211
Dialysis – 2407 2838 & 2403 1660
Eye Care – 98198 19927
Eye Care Doctors
98923 88129 – Dr. Meghali
98205 58809 – Dr. Vrushali
96192 02498 – Dr. Subra
Dialysis Doctors
98211 74980 – Dr. Usha Ramanujam
98924 29727 - Dr. Vijila
Bharatiya Front







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